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Shannon Houston, Pink Dust Cosmetics Founder

Pink Dust Cosmetics is a makeup line created by a makeup artist on a mission to provide professional quality products that are easy to use for all ages and skin types. Our full-line of makeup products has been carefully created by owner and well-known makeup artist Shannon Houston. Among our most popular products are vibrant, long-lasting lipsticks, gloss and liners, as well as easy-to-apply foundations, bronzers, brow products and more.

With a clear focus on the customer experience and satisfaction, we regularly share video tutorials on how to use our products, re-create seasonal and professional looks, and tricks and tips that you can try at home. With each product, video, and customer interaction, we strive to create a fun makeup experience and inspire confidence. 

About Shannon Houston

Shannon Houston is the owner and creator of Pink Dust Cosmetics. With over 12 years of experience as a makeup artist, and working with diverse clients including brides, TV stars, prom queens and drag queens, she has an in-depth understanding for the kind of makeup that real people want and need. She has created iconic looks for several OC Housewives and has been recognized nationwide for her talent and development of Pink Dust.

Shannon’s mission in creating Pink Dust is to enable users of all ages and skin types to enjoy their makeup experience and inspire a fresh confidence to show off their beauty. She believes that makeup should be fun, girly and creative; there is no right or wrong when it comes to makeup. She stresses that every Pink Dust product is something that she would use on herself and every client no matter what age, sex or skin color.


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